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Class actions lawsuits allow a large number of plaintiffs to unite in a single lawsuit against a defendant, usually a large corporation, accused of some action or omission that has caused widespread harm. Class actions pose risks for corporate entities: slight issues can be magnified out of logical proportion, and the sheer number of listed plaintiffs can give the impression of malfeasance where the defendant has, in fact, done nothing wrong. On the other hand, when a product, such as a dangerous drug, has caused widespread harm, a class action settlement can satisfy plaintiff claims without irreparably damaging the company. The attorneys at SKLG, APC represent businesses, manufacturers and other groups in the Beverly Hills area and throughout California in class action proceedings. We work closely with your company’s board and officers to implement appropriate strategies for successfully resolving class action litigation.

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For a lawsuit to become a consumer class action, an attorney or law firm representing one or a small group of plaintiffs must enlist sufficient numbers to justify certification as a class. This can happen organically as a court moves to consolidate similar cases to reduce litigation. In other instances, aggressive plaintiffs' attorneys may attempt to recruit plaintiffs.

For a court to certify a lawsuit as a class action, plaintiffs must show the case satisfies four criteria:

  • Commonality — That the plaintiffs’ claims are substantially about the same thing
  • Adequacy — That the named plaintiffs and their attorneys are able to represent the class appropriately
  • Numerosity — That there are enough plaintiffs to justify a class designation
  • Typicality — That the representative plaintiffs’ claims are typical of all claims within the class

The members of the class must also be clearly identifiable. For example, a class could consist of all of the patients who received a certain implant or all subscribers to a certain service at a specific point in time. Once the class is certified, plaintiffs’ attorneys serve notice to all persons whose rights the class action may impact. Depending on the action, new plaintiffs will be instructed to “opt in" or “opt out."

Skilled litigators craft a strategy to defend your business

Depending on the circumstances, your company might want to oppose a plaintiff’s motion for classification or propose certification to consolidate lawsuits against you. Our attorneys work with California clients from the outset to determine a litigation strategy. At trial, we use medical, economic and scientific experts as necessary to prove your case. We defend clients in class actions involving:

  • Antitrust
  • Consumer fraud
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Discrimination in the marketplace
  • Medical device defect
  • Product defect
  • Shareholder fraud
  • Toxic tort

Our attorneys understand the complex procedural requirements and steps involved in defending a consumer class action and provide the robust, detailed representation you need.

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